108 Media has added John Leguizamo’s autobiographical comedy Fugly! to its EFM sales slate and plans a US release in the third quarter.

Fugly! is a fictionalised version of Leguizamo’s one-man show Ghetto Klown, in which the performer plays a Latino comic who has a near-death experience that forces him to revisit his personal and professional highs and lows.

Alfredo De Villa directed a cast that includes Rosie Perez, Radha Mitchell, Griffin Dunne, Yul Vasquez,Tomas Milian and Ally Sheedy. 

“I’m very honoured to be working with 108 Media’s honcho Mark Urman, who I have always looked up to in the independent scene,” said Leguizamo, who went on to say: “Fugly was a term we used and invented in New York when I was a kid for anything truly abhorrent. It was used on me many a time in my hood. This time I’m appropriating it. This is my revenge through art.”

108 Media COO Nathaniel Warsh negotiated the deal with Ron Gell of The G-Machine, Straw Wiseman of Marquee Productions and Jonathan Gray on behalf of the filmmakers.