New thriller by Rodar y Rodar (The Orphanage, Julia’s Eyes) The Body was sold to seven territories during the recent American Film Market.

DeaPlaneta International closed deals with the UK (Kaleidoscope), Mexico (Star Castle Distribution), Japan (Schochiku), Colombia and Central America (Cineplex), Turkey (Medyavyzion) and Hong Kong (Edko Films).

The film was previously sold to France, Korea, China and Venezuela. It was shown completed for the first time at AFM.

A mystery thriller, The Body begins when the body of a millionaire (Belén Rueda) disappears from a morgue and the husband of the deceased (Hugo Silva) is called for interrogation. A clever investigator (José Coronado) will bring the pieces together and the spectator will not know the truth until the very last moment.

The film reunites part of the same crew that made Julia’s Eyes an international success. Actress Belén Rueda, producer Rodar y Rodar, Antena 3 Films, Canal+ and TV and Oriol Paulo, who was the scriptwriter of Julia’s Eyes and now makes his debut as a director.

According to Gorka Bilbao, head of sales of DeaPlaneta, “buyers have loved the twisted plot and its surprising end. It’s an extraordinary film and has a very good quality of production. The fact that Belén Rueda is very well known for The Sea Inside, The Orphanage and Julia’s Eyes has also helped as the recent success of José Coronado with No Rest for the Wicked”.

The Body will open in Spain December 21 and in 2013 in the rest of the world. It opened the last Sitges Film Festival and has won the top prize at Paris Fantastic film Festival and was screened at London BFI and Stockholm Festival.

Deaplaneta’s other sales at AFM include Julia’s Eyes to Edko Films of Hong Kong and Blind Alley, a thriller starring Ana de Armas directed by Antonio Trashorras (scriptwriter of Devil’s Bone), to Corazón Films of Mexico.