Michael Cowan and Jason Piette’s UK-based Stealth Media has acquired FilmTiger’s Wild East Trilogy, comprising Come The Assassin, Three$um, and Hour Of The Gun.

The thrillers are set in post-Berlin Wall Eastern Europe in the early 90s and follow characters and plot lines that will play out over the three films.

Production is set to begin in April 2010 in Hungary, Serbia and the Czech Republic with a budget of $5-6m per film.

Cowan and Piette of Spice Factory are boarding the projects as producers alongside FilmTiger and will handle international sales rights through Stealth Media, spearheaded by Juan Vista Neis. Michael Philip and Chris Ver Wiel of FilmTiger will co direct the films.

“It’s been 20 years since the fall of the Berlin wall and in the subsequent decades a truly limitless story environment emerged,” Ver Wiel.

The Wild East is where fact truly meets fiction and these are the stories we want to tell,” Philip added.