The video platform will promote a $10m investment at SXSW on the anniversary of its Vimeo On Demand platform.

The fund is designed to provide direct financial support to content creators and access to online marketing services in return for which Vimeo On Demand gets an exclusive distribution window.

The investment enables Vimeo to become a more aggressive buyer and develop its crowdfunding programme announced at Sundance by extending access to the fund to select titles that raise $10,000 or more.

Vimeo will also guarantee funding in exchange for an exclusive distribution window to any film that premieres at “one of the leading 20 global film festivals” in 2014.

In addition the service will offer free one-year Vimeo PRO grants and distribution on Vimeo On Demand to films that cross the $10,000 crowdfunding threshold or play at one of the top 20 festivals.

“Building on our early content investment programmes, we’re excited to announce this broad expansion of resources to support creators,” said Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor. “The direct distribution movement gains momentum every day, and we are fully committed to empowering creators with a vibrant alternative to the ad-dominated online video ecosystem for monetising content.”