The dedicated international acquisitions division launched just over a year ago and had been developing a high-profile slate.

Camela Galano and her five-person team of fellow former New Line employees made a number of significant territory buys, however it is understood Warner Bros top brass decided back in January that it would take a less aggressive stance on third party English-language acquisitions for the international marketplace.

The studio will continue to explore distribution opportunities on titles in select territories. The other US majors continue to operate similar ventures.

During her tenure as president of Warner Bros International Film Acquisitions Galano, who for many years served as president of New Line International, picked up hits like Paranormal Activity 2 for Russia and District 9 for Japan.

Upcoming releases include Conan The Barbarian in Germany, The Hunger Games (pictured) in Italy and Spain, Cold Light Of Day in Australia, Ghost Rider 2 in Australia and Asia, and Dream House in Latin America, Australia, the UK, Spain and France.

Galano and Warner Bros did not comment.