The Dutch distributor has acquired a raft of forthcoming 3D titles, including Three Musketeers and Bait 3D (pictured), for Benelux

Dutch distribution outfit DFW has acquired a string of upcoming 3D films for Benelux, including Paul W. S. Anderson’s $80 million Three Musketeers 3D,Chronicles of Riddick 2 3D and action thriller Bait 3D.

Further acquisitions include Lisa Azuelos’ LOL, Paul Scheuring’s The Experiment, J Blakeson’s The Disappearance of Alice Creed, and upcoming Joe Carnahan projects White Jazz and The Grey. DFW also bought rights to untitled projects from Tony Scott and Seth Rogen.

The deals were completed at Cannes this year but have not been announced until now.

DFW chief exexcutive, Willem Pruijssers, said: “My strategy is to always try and predict the audience’s future trends and preferences.  With all the other competitive leisure businesses available now, the quality of our product and how it is both presented and delivered has become more and more important.

This is especially true with the increased cost of a 3D movie ticket. And this is why it is not just about 3D but about the quality of the 3D.  And the same applies to other new developing rights areas such as VOD and EST.”