Hong Kong-based Edko Films will commence international sales at Cannes on Claustrophobia, which is one of the first films to be backed by Irresistible Films, a film fund established by Bill Kong and Japan's Avex Group Holdings.

The film is the directorial debut of award-winning screenwriter Ivy Ho (July Rhapsody). Starring Karena Lam and Ekin Cheng, it tells the story of a typical white-collar worker in a small, cramped office in Hong Kong who finds herself being drawn closer to her married boss.

Irresistible was set up to encourage small-to-medium budget productions from new directors in Hong Kong. Claustrophobia was also backed by Hong Kong's Film Development Fund (FDF) which financed 30% of the production budget.

Claustrophobia recently wrapped and is currently in post-production.