European FIlm Promotion now has 31 members in 32 countries.

The Albanian National Center of Cinematography (ANCC) has become the 31st member of European Film Promotion (EFP), the pan-European network of film promotion and export organizations.

Founded in 1997 to support the development, production and distribution of films which have a potential to achieve international recognition, ANCC has already backed around 167 different funding measures, including the production of 37 feature-length films such as Gjergj Xhuvani’s East, West, East:The Final Sprint, Fatmir Koçi’s Time of the Comet and Artan Minarolli’s Alive!.

This year had also seen the organisation joining other South East European film institutions in organising a joint pavilion at Cannes Marché du Film last month.

Speaking about the latest development, ANCC’s chairman Artan Minarolli declared that “our EFP membership and the concentrated experience of the network will help us promote our talented directors, producers, actors and actresses on an international level, and also will widen the possibilities for European co-production and distribution of our films.”

A year ago, the Macedonian Film Fund had become the 30th organisation to join EFP which now has 31 members in 32 countries across Europe with ANCC’s accession.

EFP is financially supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and its member organizations as well as by private sponsors and national film funds. Its latest initiative was the 11th “Producers on the Move” initiative at the Cannes Film Fetsival, which showcased 23 up-and-coming European producers.