The 21st International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is to open next month with the world premiere of Episode 3 by Renzo Martens.

IDFA runs from 20 to 30 Nov.

The film is the third in a series of three films in which Martens questions the role of filmmakers and photographers in chronicling poverty. The first film, Episode I, was shot in Chechnya. Instead of filming the war victims, Martens turned his camera back on himself, asking the Chechens what they thought of this westerner in their midst.

The festival has chosen Episode 3 as its opening film as 'it touches on questions about themes also examined elsewhere in the IDFA programme,'

an IDFA spokesperson commented. Several films this year deal with Africa and the perceptions of this continent presented in the West.

The film, included in the IDFA First Appearance Competition, was pitched as a project at the Forum in 2007. Episode 1 also screened at IDFA, in 2004.

Episode 3 is produced by Peter Kruger through Inti Films, the company he and Peter Brosens set up in 1993.

Martens' documentary kicks off a festival at which more than 300 documentaries will be shown, alongside daily debates and talk shows. The festival and the accompanying Forum, Docs for Sale and IDFAcademy, will again be centred around Amsterdam's Rembrandtplein square.

The full programme is announced later this month.