Morris to give lecture in year Film Awards reinstates Documentary category.

Acclaimed documentary maker Errol Morris will deliver BAFTA’s annual film lecture this November, the year the Film Awards reinstated a Documentary category.

Oscar-winner Morris is known for documentaries The Thin Blue Line, Gates of Heaven, A Brief History of Time, S.O.P. Standard Operating Procedure and The Fog Of War.

BAFTA’s Film Committee Chairman, Nik Powell, said: “Errol Morris is one of the world’s iconic filmmakers and it’s a true honour to have him deliver the 2011 David Lean Lecture. This is the Lecture’s eleventh year; through it we offer a platform for truly great directorial talents to talk about issues at the heart of their work and explore what drives them as artists. While we have traditionally offered the platform to fiction directors, it felt right that in the year we are reinstating the Documentary category at the Film Awards that we should have one of the world’s master documentary directors give the lecture.”

The lecture will take place at BAFTA on Nov 6. Dogwoof will release Morris’ latest film Tabloid on Nov 11 in the UK.