The two professional networks, respresenting distributors and sales agents, have come up with a set of guidelines for the delivery of digital material, via a series of workshops.

Distribution network Europa Distribution & sales network Europa International have come up with a set of common guidelines for the delivery of digital material.

The guidelines have been created during practical workshops gathering European distributors and sales agents with digital expertise.

The guidelines, which concern the delivery of DCI compliant material, take into account the differences in technical standards and business models in different counties and what is best for the local release of films.

The working group will continue to meet on a regular basis and update the guidelines following the digital transition.

Europa Distribution is a professional network of 110 distributors from 26 countries. Its president is film director Cristian Mungiu. Europa International is the European organization for sales agents with Michael Weber (The Match Factory) as president, and 28 members including Films Distribution, TrustNordisk, Doc & Film Intl, EastWest,Hanway and Fortissimo.