Kim Tae-yong's Family Ties won Best Film at South Korea 's Grand Bell Awards on Friday night (June 8).

The dramatic comedy about a totally unconventional but non-dysfunctional family also garnered the award for Best Script for Kim and co-writer Sung Ki-young.

Bong Joon-ho's sci-fi monster hit The Host, which was nominated in eleven categories, took Best Director and Best Editing.

200 Pounds Beauty , nominated in the most categories this year - twelve in all - took Best Leading Actress for Kim A-jung as well as Best Cinematography and Best Music.

Kim, who was an emcee at this year's awards, played a hugely overweight singer who opts for life-threatening cosmetic surgery to become a hot star and get the man she loves.

Jeon Do-yeon, who took the best actress Grand Bell last year for You Are My Sunshine, presented Kim with her prize. Jeon herself also was awarded a special prize for 'heightening the profile of Korean cinema' with her Cannes Best Actress Award-winning performance in Secret Sunshine.

The film opened in theatres May 23, making it ineligible for this year's Grand Bells which covered films released May 2006 - April 2007.

Veteran actor Ahn Sung-ki accepted Best Actor for Radio Star, saying it was his first in 13 years. He observed with trademark humility that 'I've won many awards over the years, but it seems like they're meant to encourage you at each different time [whenever you need it],' and thanked his co-star Park Joong-hoon who was awarded the Blue Dragon jointly with him last December.

Full Awards List:

Best Film - Family Ties (dir: Kim Tae-yong / prod: Blue Storm)

Best Director - Bong Joon-ho (The Host)

Best Leading Actress - Kim A-jung (200 Pounds Beauty)

Best Leading Actor - Ahn Sung-ki (Radio Star)

Best Supporting Actress - Shim Hye-jin (Over The Border)

Best Supporting Actor - Kim Yoon-suk (Tazza: The High Rollers)

Best Cinematography - Park Hyun-chul (200 Pounds Beauty)

Best Editing - Kim Sun-min (The Host)

Best Script - Sung Ki-young, Kim Tae-yong (Family Ties)

Best Lighting - Lee Ju-seng (Paradise Murdered)

Best Music - Lee Jae-hak (200 Pounds Beauty)

Best Art Direction - Kim Gi-cheol (The Restless)

Best Visual Effects - DTI, ETRI, Shin Jae-ho, Jung Do-an (The Restless)

Best Sound Effects - Jung Kwang-ho, Choi Tae-young (Lump Sugar)

Contribution to the Development of Cinema - Shin Young-kyun

Best Creative Development - Lee Jung-hak (Lump Sugar; original story)

Best Costumes - Cho Sang-kyung (Tazza: The High Rollers)

Best New Director - Kwon Hyung-jin (For Horowitz)

Best New Actor - Ryu Duk-hwan (Like A Virgin)

Best New Actress - Ho Yi-jin (Over The Border)

Special Award - Jeon Do-yeon

Most Popular Actor, Korea - Lee Bum-soo (A City Of Violence)

Most Popular Actress, Korea - Kim A-jung (200 Pounds Beauty)

Most Popular Actor, Overseas - Jung Ji-hoon aka Rain (I'm a Cyborg But That's Okay)

Most Popular Actress, Overseas - Kim Tae-hee (The Restless)