UPDATED MAY 28: The world belongs to Fast & Furious 6 as the action thriller grossed a confirmed $161.3m from 9,683 venues in 59 territories to deliver the biggest international opening weekend in Universal’s 101-year history.

Fast Five was the previous holder for Universal on $125m but it was no match for the sixth entry as all-time opening records tumbled in the UAE, Argentina and the Middle East and Universal set new benchmarks in 40 territories and scored the biggest launch of the year-to-date in 19.

The lead market was Russia on $17.9m, followed by Germany on $13m, Mexico on $12.8m, France on $10.8m, Italy on $9.8m, Taiwan on $7m, Brazil on $6.3m, South Korea on $5.5m and Spain on $5.3m. All results are the biggest debut weekends in the franchise to date. The film added an estimated $6.2m in the UK following last weekend’s record launch to stand at $25.3m.

Such an extraordinary demonstration of the franchise’s broad demographic appeal was echoed in the recording-breaking $98.5m North American debut that scored the biggest Memorial Day weekend and indeed biggest holiday weekend launch.

The international running total including Monday projections combined with the previous weekend’s limited debut to put the sixth entry in the Fast And Furious franchise on $197.3m internationally, which combined with the $117.1m four-day North American haul for $314.1m worldwide by Tuesday [27]. This was also Universal’s biggest North American and global launch.

Fast And Furious 6 has already passed the international lifetime totals of The Fast And The Furious on $62.9m, The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift on $96m and 2 Fast 2 Furious on $109m.

Fast And Furious 6 grossed more than $2m from 59 international IMAX screens. Still to come are debuts in Trinidad on May 29, New Zealand on May 30, Australia on Jun 6, Venezuela on Jun 21, Japan on Jul 6 and China on Jul 20.  

Oblivion added $2.7m from 50 territories for $180.2m and arrives in the Tom Cruise stronghold of Japan on May 31. Mama stands at $74.9m and has amassed $1.9m in the first 12 days in France. Hanni And Nanni 3 has grossed $5.5m from four German-speaking territories, Identity Thief stands at $39.8m and Jurassic Park 3D has reached $10.6m.

  • UPDATE: Warner Bros Pictures International reported that Cannes opener The Great Gatsby brought in a further $24.1m from approximately 7,600 screens in 50 territories to reach $85.2m and $202.9m worldwide.

Russia has generated $11.3m after two weekends, the UK $12m, France $9.6m, Germany $8.3m, Italy $7m, South Korea $7m, Spain $3.7m and Holland on $1.7m. Gatsby placed number two in all of these territories except the UK and France where ranks were not provided. The drama arrives in Australia on May 30, Mexico on May 31, Brazil on Jun 7 and Japan on Jun 14.

The Hangover Part III opened at number one in its first three markets over the weekend to generate a formidable $19m from 1,594 screens.

The UK led the way on a $9.2m number one launch from 1,006 that included $1.6m in previews, followed by a number one debut in Australia on $8.9m from 496 and New Zealand on $907,000 from 92. The comedy is set to arrive in more than 50 markets next weekend.

  • Star Trek Into Darkness crossed $100m through Paramount Pictures International following a $13.1m haul from 3,949 locales in 40 international markets that boosted the tally to $102.1m.

The sci-fi sequel added $2.7m from 511 locations in the UK for $29.2m after three weekends and the film is closing in on the lifetime total of Star Trek. German audiences generated $1.9m for $16.2m after three and the film is already 30% ahead of its predecessor’s lifetime tally.

Russia produced $1.8m for $9.4m after two weekends and has generated more than double the final gross of Star Trek. Australia delivered $1.8m for $12.8m after three and has overtaken Star Trek, while Mexico has produced $6.4m after three, which is almost twice as much as Star Trek.

Star Trek Into Darkness has amassed more than $34m worldwide on IMAX screens.  G.I. Joe: Retaliation stands at 239.2m.

  • UPDATE: Blue Sky Studios’ animation Epic opened through Fox International in 35 markets on $23.9m and combined with last weekend’s limited launch for an early $44m running total.

The UK produced $4.9m from 1,100 screens for number three and France delivered $3.4m from 662 for number two. Italy generated $1.7m from 670 for fourth place and Malaysia produced $733,935 from 140 for second place.

Germany led the holdovers on $1.96m from 997 for $5.8m, while Mexico added $1.95m from 1,300 for $6.6m and Brazil delivered $1.7m from 621 for $5.1m.

DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods grossed $5m from 29 markets and stands at $385.2m. It opened in South Korea on $902,000 from 243 and brought in a further $2.6m in China from 2,000 screens for $57.5m after five weekends.

  • Iron Man 3 added $17.4m from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International to reach $774.8m and $1.142bn worldwide. It ranks as the second biggest superhero adaptation behind Marvel Studios stablemate The Avengers.

The lead market is China on an estimated $117.4m through Disney’s co-financing partner on the film, DMG Entertainment. South Korea is next on $63.1m, followed by the UK on $53.8m and Mexico on $47.4m. Spain has generated $12.2m.

  • Evil Dead generated $2.2m through Sony Pictures Releasing International and stands at $30.8m.