Universal’s Fast & Furiousheld on to the number one spot among Hollywood releases for the third consecutive weekend as an estimated $15.2m haul through UPI from 6,340 sites in 59 territories boosted the running total to $170m.

The fourth entry in Universal’s action franchise has now crossed $300m at the global box office thanks to this result combined with a further $6m in the fourth weekend in North America that elevated the tally there to $145.2m.

However this will surely be Fast & Furious’ final weekend in the driving seat before Fox kicks off the summer season next weekend with the global release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Fast & Furious stayed top in Australia in its second weekend with $2.2m from 214 following a 63% drop for a $9.9m running total. It also maintained pole position in Italy as $1.8m from 299 after a 65% drop raised the tally after two weekends to $8.4m, and held in second place in the UK on $1.7m from 429 after falling 42% for $17.9m after three.

The film stayed top in Mexico for the fourth consecutive weekend on $460,000 from 421 after a 62% drop for $12.4m. It ranks fourth in France on $1.4m from 400 after dropping 50% for $12.5m after three, third in Germany on $14m after four, and second in Brazil on $7.6m after four. There are four territories to go in May. Japan – the setting for the third film in the series – will be the final release in October.

Political thriller State Of Play took $3.6m from 782 in five for an early $6.1m international cumulative total, led by a $2.4m number one launch in the UK from 396 venues. It added $1.1m from 322 in the second weekend in Spain after falling 39% for $3.4m and opens in eight next weekend including Italy and South Korea.

The Boat The Rocked added $1.6m from 1,520 sites in 13 for $14.6m and has taken $8.6m in the UK after four weekends and $3.3m in Australia after three. Crime caper Duplicity added $1.2m from 1,271 in 27 territories for $26.5m and launched at number one in Argentina on $200,000 from 40.

In its first international forays, horror remake The Last House On The Left grossed $375,000 from 93 in France and $75,000 from 27 in Belgium.

DreamWorks Animation’s Monsters Vs Aliens raised its tally by $11.2m from 6,667 locations in 59 territories through PPI to $143m and has now crossed $300m worldwide. It launched in South Korea on $1.1m from 302 and has amassed $28.1m in the UK after four weekends, $13.5m in Australia, $11.9m in Spain, and $8.8m in France.

Paramount’s bromedy I Love You, Man grossed a lacklustre $2.5m from 1,114 sites in 17 territories for an early $5.1m running total. It opened in 14 territories, the most productive being Germany on $505,000 from 269, followed by Brazil on $221,000. In its second week in the UK I Love You, Man added $1m from 339 after a 22% drop for $3.5m.

New Line International’s comedy 17 Again added $6.8m from 1,417 screens in 17 territories for a $27.5m running total. Zac Efron and friends grossed $2.7m from 392 in the first weekend in France and added $1m from 218 in Australia for $7.7m and $1.6m from 407 in the UK for $13.8m.

Summit International executives reported a $4.1m weekend for Knowing from 3,728 venues in 34 markets. The sci-fi release stands at $63.9m

Warner Bros Pictures International’s drama Gran Torino is on the cusp of $100m after the film launched in Japan on an unspecified amount to set up a $3.3m weekend from roughly 2,170 screens in 49 territories that raised the tally to $99.1m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s Race To Witch Mountain added $3.1m from 2,538 screens in 31 territories for $29.6m. The key driver was Spain, which produced a further $1m from 290 in the second weekend after dropping 44% for $3.1m. Australia stands at $4.5m after three

Disneynature documentary Earth grossed $687,000 from several launches in Italy and Latin American markets. Italy generated $298,000 from 70 locations and the film has amassed $33.9m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International.

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas stands at $30.8m and has now taken more than four times the North American gross. The holocaust drama opened in fourth place in Australia on $658,000. Confessions Of A Shopaholic stands at $56.1m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International’s banking thriller The International added $1.7m from 915 screens in 33 markets to stand at $28.4m. It opened in fourth place in Spain on $910,000 from 215 and launched in first place in Singapore on $175,000 from 25.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop added $1.4m from 1,240 in 33 for $30.6m and opened at the top in Peru on $135,000 from 38 screens.