Disney stayed atop the overseas charts as its four active titles generated $45m, led by an estimated $27.9m haul for Up from 4,500 screens in 24 territories.

Meanwhile Universal/UPI’s films crossed $1bn for the year-to-date and Fast & Furious streaked past the $200m mark after adding $1.5m from 320 Japanese venues for $6.6m in the territory and $202.5m internationally.

Returning to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International, the excellent weekend for Up raised the international tally to $295.8m and made the Pixar release the sixth biggest animated release in Disney history.

The global tally has reached $588m and Up should have little trouble soaring past the $300m international and $600m worldwide marks next weekend, by which time it will almost certainly have overtaken Wall-Es $309m final international total.

The film ranked number one in ten markets, led by the UK where in its third weekend it added $9m from 708 for $22.9m, beating the combined result of the films ranked two through 15 and looking good as schools prepare to break up for the half-term holidays.

The film opened top in Italy on a superb $7m from 456 on par with Ratatouille as a record Disney animated launch. It ranks fourth in Germany on $2.3m from 897 theatres for $24.3m after five weekends and is on target to surpass Wall-E’s final total by next weekend.

Elsewhere Up added $2.1m from 330 in Benelux for $5.7m and ranks top in Holland and Belgium; set a Disney animated record launch in Poland on $1.6m from 120 screens; and opened top in the second biggest Pixar debut behind Ratatouille in Sweden on $1.1m from 105.

Up stayed top in Denmark on $1.1m from 108 venues for $5.1m and is the second biggest Pixar release behind Ratatouille, and added $1.1m in Australia from 266 theatres for $22.7m after seven. It opens in Japan on December 5.

G-Force opened top across German-speaking Europe and was the highest ranking Hollywood release in France as it added $12.5m overall from 3,255 screens in 44 markets for $127.9m with China, South Korea and Japan still pending release.

The family release launched in Germany on $4.2m from 521 sites and took $2.5m in France from 316, and added $2.5m in Spain from 466 for $7.6m.

Surrogates added $3.9m from 2,715 theatres in 31 territories for $46.9m with a little less than half of the international marketplace still set to open. The Proposal raised its tally to $148.9m after a $1.6m weekend from 840 sites in 22 territories. The final market of Japan generated Sandra Bullock’s best comedy launch on $867,000.

  • Sony Pictures Releasing International reported another solid weekend for The Ugly Truth as the romantic comedy added $8.8m from 2,305 screens in 63 markets to raise the tally to $94.1m and the likelihood of crossing $100m by the end of next weekend.

Spain led the new openings with $3 from 362 screens for second place in the market, while Hong Kong generated $320,000 from on 29 in first place.

Germany was king of the third weekend holdovers as $1.8m from 513 in fourth place raised the running total to $11.3m. Elsewhere the film ranks fourth in Brazil on $5.5m, top in Greece on $1.3m, second in Austria on 2.1m, and top in Switzerland on $2.2m.

A number one launch in South Korea on $2.2m from 250 helped District 9 as the sc-fi action film took an industry-wide $5.9m for $77.2m. District 9 opened second in Brazil on $975,000 from 200, second in Mexico on $685,000 from 251, and second in Venezuela on $190,000 from 30.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs grossed $3.7m from 1,810 screens in 35 markets for $35.4m following a smattering of small debuts that included a number one Indonesian launch on $225,00 from 40.

Sony’s animated family release has taken an excellent $1.2m in Venezuela after two weekends and still ranks number one and has posted $5.2m in Brazil after three and $6.1m in Mexico after eight.

Julie & Julia stands at $16.1m after the drama added $2.4m from 1,000 in 33 markets. Taiwan produced second place on $190,000 from 59 and Singapore generated $155,000 from 18 in fourth place. In other launches, it took $90,000 from 27 in Holland, $85,000 from 18 in Belgium,  $75,000 from 32 in Denmark, and $45,000 from 35 in Russia. Rankings were unavailable. Meryl Streep and Amy Adams added $1.1m in Australia from 288 for $3.5m after two.

Zombieland grossed $1.8m from 634 in five for an early $6.8m and in its second weekend in the UK the road movie added $975,000 from 299 for $3.8m.

  • UPI’s Couples Retreat grossed $6.8m from 926 venues in five territories for an early $10.8m running total. The comedy launched in second place in the UK behind Up on $3m from 381 and top in Russia on $1.6m from 280.Couples Retreat added $1.9m in Australia in 194 to rank second on $5.6m and there are 57 territories to go.

Inglourious Basterds added $6.4m from 2,800 sites in 52 for $166m and a $285m global tally. The Invention Of Lying stands at $7.8m in the UK, while Dutch title De Storm has reached $4.5m in Benelux.

The Final Destination crossed $100m through Warner Bros Pictures International and New Line International’s network of distributors. The horror film added $5.4m from 1,715 screens in 50 markets for $103m.The film opened top in Australia on $1.9m from 90 and is the first film to open exclusively in 3D in the territory.

  • Fox International’s Spanish hit Agora added $4.9m from 478 screens in its second weekend for a mighty $16.8m running total.

500 Days Of Summer stands at $15.5m, Jennifer’s Body $5.2m, Aliens In The Attic $32.5m, and Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs $686.1m.