Former Arclight Films executive Michael Favelle has been quietly establishing his own sales agency, Odin's Eye Entertainment (OEE), based at Fox Studios Australia in Sydney.

Favelle said his intention is to handle six to eight projects per year with a focus on independent, genre-driven features in the $1m to $15m range. His first pick-ups include two independently financed Australian films - the psychological horror Shape and Bitter & Twisted - but he also has some US projects on his books.

Australia has a history of sales agents closing down or moving their focus overseas. Favelle admitted the tyranny of distance is a challenge, particularly when dealing with European buyers who tend to stay close to home, but said he is confident about building a sustainable business.

'I'm here for the long haul,' he said. 'Access to quality and profile international features was probably the biggest challenge for Australian companies in the past, as Australian films have struggled to perform internationally and at home over the last several years.'

The contacts he has built up through Arclight and earlier when at Beyond will help him, he added, and so will the significant shift that is now happening at home in Australia.

'I am excited about the current renewal and growth of the Australia production and distribution sector,' he said. 'Because of the recent tax changes, the timing for us could not be better.'