Chinese director Feng Xiaogang, whose Assembly opens the Pusan International Film Festival tonight (Oct 4), is planning to shoot a $5m satirical comedy The Nobles about China's 'nouveau riche'.

Beijing-based Huayi Brothers is producing the film, set to star Ge You, while state-owned China Film Group will also invest in the project. Jiang Wen is also being lined up to star.

The story will focus ona rich man attempting to learn about culture and taste. Ge You will play a man who has recently returned from a stint overseas, whothe rich manhires because he believes him to be more knowledgeable about culture and the arts.

Ge You has starred in many of Feng's previous films including Cell Phone (2003), A World Without Thieves (2004) and The Banquet (2006). The lead actress will be decided when the script is completed, Feng told Screendaily.

Hong Kong director Pang Ho-cheung will co-write the script with Feng. Production is scheduled to start in spring 2008 in time for a year-end release. Most of Feng's previous hits were released over the Christmas/Chinese New Year holiday season.