Popular Spanish comic Zip & Zap is headed to the big screen as a family adventure produced by Zeta Cinema, Mod Producciones, Antena 3 Films and Kowalski Films. 

Oskar Santos, whose credits include For The Good Of Others, will direct from a script by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo (Cousinhood).

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The film, which will have spectacular effects and be made for both Spanish and international markets, will be introduced to buyers at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival by Vicente Canales’ Film Factory. Francisco Ramos (Zeta), Fernando Bovaira (Mod) and Mercedes Gamero (Antena 3) produce. 

Created in 1946 Zip & Zap, about naughty twins, have sold million of comics. The film will see them create The Marble Gang, a children’s resistance to defy an evil headmaster, and solve a mystery that will lead them to adventure. 

Vicente Canales said: “Film Factory speaks proudly of this film as an international super-production. It is a great event that can become an important franchise. I think distributors will be enthusiastic about such a huge project.”