Belgium's foreign-languageOscar contender The Alzheimer Case (De Zak Alzheimer) has beenbought for English-language remake by Focus Features of the US.

The Flemish-language thriller,directed and co-written by Erik Van Looy, sees an assassin with a failingmemory become caught in a web of government intrigue. It was produced by HildeDe Laere and Erwin Provoost of MMG Films with international sales now handledby The Works of the UK.

Focus has assigned productionof the remake to Stephane Sperry's Los Angeles-based Liaisons Films, with whichit has a first-look deal. Liaisons is understood to be close to appointing ascreenwriter for the English version but has yet to announce a director or keycast.

Precise details of the dealwere unavailable, but Focus so far taken an option and not yet acquired therights outright. MMG is expected to be credited as co-executive producer of theEnglish version and will earn a fee, with both a cap and a floor, based on thesize of the new film's budget. It is understood that Focus has not acquireddistribution rights to the underlying Flemish film, which remains open in NorthAmerica.

Focus and MMG begannegotiations about the remake on the eve of Cannes this year and completedtheir talks earlier this month. The deal was struck by De Laere of MMG, Focuschief David Linde and executive vice president of business affairs AvyEschenasy.

A rare example of a Flemish-language film that brokeout beyond national borders, Alzheimer was released locally in Octoberlast year and cleared up at the Belgian Oscars, winning four of the JosephPlateau awards for which it was entered.