Echoing its strong first weekend gross in the US, The Forbidden Kingdom achieved a record-breaking opening-day gross in mainland China.

The film raked in $2.29m (RMB16m) on Thursday, April 24, surpassing the $2.14m (RMB15m) record set by The Warlords last December, as well as that of Curse Of The Golden Flower in 2006.

The film also set a record for the widest release so far in mainland China. It was released on 683 film prints and also in 545 digital screens across the country.

Up to Sunday, April 27, the film took in $11.43m (RMB80m), which did not surpass the first weekend record of $12m set by Curse Of The Golden Flower. However, the film is the biggest domestic title so far in 2008. As the film is co-produced by Casey Silver Productions and Relativity Media with China's Huayi Brothers Pictures, it is seen as a local film according to Chinese regulations. It was filmed in English and dubbed into Mandarin for its Chinese release.

Prior to the film's China release, Huayi Bros signed a minimum guarantee deal with Beijing-based cinema circuit New Film Association. The exhibitor pre-paid Huayi Brothers an MG based on predicted revenue of $3.29m (RMB23m) in 70 cinemas in its circuit. New Film Association stands as one of the top three cinema circuits in China with a market share of 10% of total mainland China box office.

Gao Jun, general manager of New Film Association, said the company is very confident in the box office performance of The Forbidden Kingdom which 'shall easily reach $28.57m (RMB200m).'