Fortissimo Films has taken on worldwide rights outside of Germany, France and Hungary to Bela Tarr's The Man From London, from TT Filmmuhely, 13 Production, Black Forest Films, Von Vietinghoff and Cinema Soleil.

The film will premiere in Competition in Cannes. It marks Tarr's first feature in seven years, after 2000's Werckmeister Harmonies.

The Man From London tells the story of a lonely man named Maloin, whose life is changed after he witnesses a murder.

The film stars Tilda Swinton, Miroslav Krobot, Janos Derzsi, Miklos Jancso, Erika Bok, Agi Szirtes and Istvan Lenart.

Fortissimo's co-chairman Wouter Barendrecht negotiated the deal with TT Filmmuhely.

On completion of the deal, Barendrecht commented, 'As one of the most visionary directors in the world, we have been following the works of Bela Tarr for a long time. With The Man From London, we are very proud to be bringing to the world this long-awaited masterwork.'