Production started today onthriller Dead Air which acclaimedfilmmaker Teddy Chen is producing for Star Group's Fortune Star Entertainment.

The high-definition featureis directed by newcomer Xavier Lee and stars hot up-and-coming actors DerekTsang, Tong Ling, Terence Yin, Jo Koo and Raymond Wong. The film will have anexclusive TV premiere on Star Chinese Movies and is also aimed for theatricaland home video release.

The film is one of a seriesof HD features in which Star has recently invested to ensure a steady supply ofcontent for its Chinese movie channel. The regional broadcaster is also backingthe Focus: First Cuts series of HD movies and three HD films to be executiveproduced by award-winning Hong Kong filmmaker Derek Yee.

Dead Air revolvesaround the director of a supernatural TV programme "Ghost Story", whose career is in crisis until he bumps into afemale ghost.

Chen has directedblockbusters such as The Accidental Spyand Wait 'Til You're Older andproduced youth-oriented dramas such as TwentySomething Taipei and Hidden Trackthrough his production company Jin Chuan Pictures.

Lee previously directed theJackie Chan documentary Jackie Chan - MyStunts. Dead Air is his firstfeature.