Second European edition of genre co-production market to feature two extra spotlights in addition to its 17-strong line-up.

Frontières International Co-Production Market has unveiled the full line-up for its second European edition, taking place at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival from April 9-11.

This year sees an expanded Frontières line-up which will allow more projects to participate in live pitch sessions. In addition, it will include a Market Spotlight, featuring projects co-presented by Blood Window at Ventana Sur and the European Genre Forum at Tallinn Black Nights, and a Seeking Director spotlight which will involved three projects in development.

The 17-strong Frontières line-up features the already-announced Érik Canuel’s On the Threshold (an English-language remake of Sur Le Seuil) alongside new projects from directors Alexandre O. Philippe, Casey Walker and John Harrison, and producers Carole Scotta and Andrew D. Corkin.

It also features Eugene Garcia’s Jessie’s Demons, the new project from EMAfilms whose 2012 Frontières project Turbo Kid recently world premiered at Sundance and is screening at this year’s EFM as part of the Perspective Canada series. EMAfilms producer Anne-Marie Gélinas describes Frontières as “central to the progress and packaging of our projects”.

Established in 2012 by the Fantasia International Film Festival, Frontières has developed into a biannual transatlantic circuit between Montreal and Brussels. It is a collaborative initiative between Fantasia, BIFFF and Vision-in-Motion, and is supported by Creative Europe, SODEC, Telefilm Canada, la Région de Bruxelles Capitale, Visit Brussels, Wallimage, the Netherlands Film Fund and the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. 

The full Frontières line-up is as follows:


78:52 (USA)
Dir/Wri: Alexandre O. Philippe
Prod: Kerry Deignan Roy (Exhibit A Pictures)

Beware of the Dog (Italy)
Dir: Giovanni Bufalini
Wri: Giovanni Bufalini, Francesco Bufalini, Marco Greganti
Prod: Mario Lanti & Alan Vele (Al One Srl)

Döner (France)
Dir: Jean Luc Herbulot
Wri: Jean Luc Herbulot & Samy Baaroun
Prod: Alexis Perrin (Rumble Fish Productions)

Georgie (UK)
Dir: Johnny Kevorkian
Wri: Craig Rutherford
Prod: Gerry Maguire (Pins & Needles Media)

Jessie’s Demons (Quebec)
Dir/Wri: Eugene Garcia
Prod: Anne-Marie Gélinas & Benoît Beaulieu (EMAfilms Inc.)

La Nuit Dévoré Le Monde (France)
Dir: Dominique Roche
rWri: Dominique Rocher, Guillaume Lemans & Jérémie Guez
Prod: Carole Scotta (HAUT ET COURT)

On the Threshold (Quebec)
Dir: Érik Canuel
Wri: Celeste Parr
Prod: Nicole Robert (GO FILMS)

Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem (Spain)
Dir: David Muñoz & Adrian Cardona
Wri: David Muñoz
Prod: David Muñoz, Valentina Chidichino, Daniel Antequera & Adrian Cardona

One Drop (Canada)
Dir: Tricia Lee
Wri: Corey Brown
Prod: Tricia Lee & Brigitte Kingsley (A Film Monkey Production)
Executive Prod: Michael Baker (Bunk 11 Pictures)

Orphea (Belgium)
Dir: Léo Médard
Wri: Dick Tomasovic
Prod: Nicolas George (Films du Carré)

Sinners (UK)
Dir: Steven Sheil
Wri: James Charkow, David Murdoch & Steven Sheil
Prod: David Murdoch (Sinner Films Ltd)

Skin & Bones (Canada)
Dir: Casey Walker
Wri: Pascal Trottier, Peter Scott Vicaire & Casey Walker
Prod: Casey Walker (Cave Painting Pictures)

The Sonata (France)
Dir: Andrew Desmond
Wri: Andrew Desmond & Arthur Morin
Prod: Laurent Fumeron, Rodolphe Sanzé, Daniel Goroshko (The Project)

Spare (USA)
Dir/Wri: Kevan Tucker
Prod: Andrew D. Corkin, Tim O’Neill, Jared Parsons, Bryan Reisberg (Uncorked Productions)

Ubu (USA-Poland)
Dir: John Harrison
Wri: John Harrison & Stephen Billias
Prod: Wojtek Jezowski (Black Rabbit)

Viva Berlin! (Germany)
Dir: Moritz Mohr
Wri: Benjamin Karalic
Prod: Benjamin Munz (Rat Pack Filmproduktion)

Vivarium (Ireland)
Dir: Lorcan Finnegan
Wri: Garret Shanley
Prod: Brendan McCarthy & John McDonnell (Fantastic Films)


Fuck the World (Spain)
Dir: Santiago Alvarado
Wri: Ramon Salas & Santiago Alvarado
Prod: Joaquim Vivas (Magno Entertainment SL)
Co-Presented by Blood Window at Ventana Sur

Ickerman (France)
Dir/Wri: Seth Ickerman (Savitri Joly-Gonfard & Raphael Hernandez)
Co-Presented by the European Genre Forum at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem (Spain)
Dir: David Muñoz & Adrian Cardona
Wri: David Muñoz
Prod: David Muñoz, Valentina Chidichino, Daniel Antequera & Adrian Cardona
Co-Presented by Blood Window at Ventana Sur

White Point (Finland)
Dir: Akseli Tuomivaara
Wri: Vesa Virtanen
Prod: Misha Jaari & Mark Lwoff (Bufo)
Co-Presented by the European Genre Forum at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival


Damnation Island (Netherlands)
Wri: Wijo Koek
Prod: Petra Goedings & Edwin Goldman (Phanta Film & Goldman Film)

The Hag (Canada)
Wri: Justin Simms & Paul Scherzer
Prod: Paul Scherzer & Paula Devonshire (Six Island Productions & Devonshire Productions)

The Lodgers (Ireland)
Wri: David Turpin
Prod: Ruth Treacy, Julianne Forde (Tailored Films)