Fuji TV's head feature film producer Chihiro Kameyama will reunite with the writer behind hit franchise Bayside Shakedown to produce police drama The Guardian (Dare Mo Mamotte Kurenai).

Ryoichi Kimizuka is set to write and direct The Guardian (working title), starring Koichi Sato (Suite Dreams) as a detective who vows to protect a teenaged girl from public judgment after her older brother is arrested as a murder suspect. 14 year-old Mirai Shida will play the girl. Toshiro Yanagiba (The Suspect), Yuriko Ishida and Kuranosuke Sasaki are also set to appear.

Kimizuka wrote the Bayside TV series and films as well as spin-off feature The Suspect ($35.7m), with which he made his directorial debut. He approached Kameyama with the concept for The Guardian's more serious police drama, this time not based on an existing TV series. The feature is set for a fall 2008 release.

Fuji TV's current release Hero, also produced by Kameyama, is expected to crack $70m in earnings this week as the most successful domestic release of the year. 2003's Bayside Shakedown 2 grossed $160m and remains the most successful domestic live-action film ever released in Japan.

Sato also stars in Fuji's Kameyama-produced comedy The Magic Hour, slated for release by Toho in June 2008.