Co-founder Aleck Grishkevich and Arthur De Vany have partnered with the former William Morris agent and producer Pearl and entertainment attorney Schuyler Moore.

The partners will look to support investors and distributors on roughly 10-15 films a year with individual budgets of up to $75m.

Pearl joins as company president and will attend Toronto as he starts to build strategic relationships and identify investment opportunities.

“We believe our model and investment in films will help support and grow the independent film sector, and will reinforce film financiers, independent distributors, sales companies and filmmakers with a stronger position at the bargaining table during US sales,” Pearl said. “It will also increase take prices in the international sales arena, and enable interested foreign distributors and financiers to partner in the US distribution process.”

“With Extremal Film Partners, we are looking to fill a void in current models through a sophisticated and thoroughly vetted financing scenario that supports investors, producers and distribution companies in their efforts to produce and release filmed content,” Grishkevich said. “Our business philosophy should help breathe confidence in a financially insecure environment and alleviate considerable risk for our partners. Wall Street has displayed strong confidence and quickly committed $500m to our financing model.”