Gael Garcia Bernal is teaming up with director Marc Silver and the UK's Pulse Films on Resist, an ambitious feature documentary and web project.

Described as Bernal's personal journey through the landscape of resistance, the film is in pre-production with shooting scheduled to take place in spring next year.

Bernal will also co-produce and was at the UK's BritDoc festival last week along with Silver, producer Thomas Benski and associate producer Lucas Ochoa to pitch the project at the event's Good Pitch forum for social-purpose documentaries.

The film-makers have launched to research stories of resistance to include in the film and provide an online portal into the world of activism.

'At this stage we're not limiting ourselves to exactly what the film is,' said producer Thomas Benski. 'At the moment we're asking the questions, we're looking at the landscape and defining how we're going to approach it.'

Bernal told that Resist would explore universal issues. 'In aesthetic terms, in terms of narrative tools, we still don't know,' he said. 'But definitely it's a personal journey, but with questions that are completely universal.'

Silver, whose credits include documentary Global Protest for the BBC, said: 'The thing that follows resistance is some sense of transformation, of things or society or people, be it micro or macro. The job we have to do over the next couple of months is how to represent that visually and with narrative, and that's what we're playing with at the moment.'