Sarah Michelle Gellar is attached tostar in Alice, a new film based on the video game AmericanMcGee's Alice, for Universal Pictures. Marcus Nispel is set todirect.

AmericanMcGee's Alice is a popular Electronic Arts computer game createdby McGee, one of the lead designers on the Quake and Doom series. Usingcharacters and concepts in Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland stories, thegame focuses on Alice, the sole survivor of a tragic event which has killed herfamily and destroyed her home. She returns to Wonderland but the fantasy worldof her childhood has turned into a threatening place where she must confronther deepest fears in order to return to the real world.

JulieYorn of Firm Films and Scott Faye of Collision Entertainment will produce thefilm. Karen Lauder of Abandon Entertainment and JoAnne Colonna of Firm Filmswill executive produce. Erich and Jon Hoeber will adapt the screenplay.

Universal'svice president of production, Damien Saccani, will oversee the project for thestudio.

Gellarhas just finished production on an as yet untitled thriller directed by AsifKapadia for Universal's Rogue Pictures label. She is set to start production inJuly on Richard Kelly's Southland Tales and later thisyear on Girls Guide To Hunting And Fishing based on thebest-selling book which will be directed by Marc Klein for Warner IndependentPictures. She isrepresented by UTA, The Firm and attorney Kevin Yorn.

Nispel is represented by CAA andattorney David Weber. The Hoebers are represented by Endeavor, managerAngela Cheng Caplan and attorney Jodi Peikoff