The Spanish producer will work with Canada’s Legacy Filmeworks and UK’s Wind Fish on $7m Spain-set thriller.

Spanish producer Gerard Yubero is to co-produce a $7m (€5.6m) thriller starring Paz Vega with Canada’s Legacy Filmworks and Wind Fish in the UK.

Tango Dancer will be written and directed by US-based film-maker George Kaczender and will be set in modern-day Spain. Vega will play an Argentinian women whose parents, both tango dancers, were kidnapped and tortured when the country was under dictatorship. After being raped, she flees to Spain where, 30 years later, she learns the torturers are now also living.

Kaczender is currently rewriting the script slightly to flesh out the male lead role of a British or American intellectual who assists Vega’s character to track down the torturers.The producers are approaching top British and American actors for the part.

“We are also looking for a leading Spanish co-production company to board the project as executive producers to help finance the film and assist with setting up the shoot, which we want to be in one of the major Spanish cities,” Yubero told ScreenDaily. “We hope to start shooting next February to catch the rainy season as the film is going to have a dark, gritty quality to it.”

Yubero is a freelance producer who has worked as a production controller or assistant production controller on several major US films in the past, including Predator, Pure Luck, License To Kill and Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

His co-production partners on Tango Dancer will be Juliusz Kossakowski of Wind Fish, who previously worked as an executive producer on Bela Tarr’s film The Man From London, and Deboragh Gabler, founder of Legacy Filmworks.