75 buyers set to attend the Hamburg event starting July 10.

75 international buyers from 33 countries will be attending the 11th edition of the German Films Previews which is being held in Hamburg for the second time from July 10-13.

Previews “regulars” such as Norwegian distributor Frank L. Stavik of AS Fidalgo Film Distribution, Hungary’s Peter Bognar of Cinefil, the UK’s Chris Oosterom of Yume Pictures, veteran Israeli distributors Ephraim and Nizhona Gilad and Thomas Chia of Singapore’s Lighthouse Pictures will be joined by around a dozen first-timers, including Marc André Grynbaum and Elisabeth Mariette of Paris-based producer-distributor Albany Films, Mariana Marx of Argentina’s Zeta Films, Bruna Sorrentino of Brazilian distributor Art Films, Julia Muravova of fledgling Russian buyer Exponenta, Jerome M Rougier of Wild Bunch Distribution, and two companies from Korea, TCast and Boomerang Motion Pictures (BMP) which are being represented by JiYe Park and June Hee Han, respectively.

The four-day event, which is organised by the promotion agency German Films and is supported by the regional film fund Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Studio Hamburg and Hamburg Marketing, will be staging market screenings at the CinemaxX multiplex of new German titles and international co-productions with German involvement.

The 17-title programme of ranges from debutant Tim Fehlmann’s apocalyptic thriller hell (world sales: Beta Cinema) and Christian Zübert’s dramedy Three Quarter Moon (Dreiviertelmond, world sales: Cinepool) through Sebastian Dehnhardt’s documentary Klitschko (world sales: Broadview Pictures) and Anna Justice’s Remembrance (Die verlorene Zeit, world sales: Atrix Pictures) to Robert Thalheim’s Westwind, a melodrama and love story set in Hungary the year before the fall of the Berlin Wall (world sales: Beta Cinema).

Meanwhile, The Match Factory will be showing Stephane Robelin’s drama And If We All Lived Together?, Achim von Borries’ Second World War drama Four Days In May (Vier Tage im Mai) and Michael Glawogger’s latest documentary Whore’s Glory in addition to its Cannes title Stopped On Track.

Stelios Ziannis’ Aktis Film International will be in Hamburg with its latest pickup, Ziska Riemann’s coming of age drama Lollipop Monster, which had its international premiere this week in Karlovy Vary’s competition title, while Bavaria Film International will present Rainer Matsutani’s horror film Room 205 (205 – Zimmer der Angst) and Christian Schwochow’s Cracks in the Shell (Die Unsichtbare) which had also premiered in Karlovy Vary’s main competition.

In addition, buyers will be able to see promo-reels of such forthcoming titles as Franziska Buch’s family film Yoko, the children’s animation TV series Mullewapp Stories, Barnaby Southcombe’s film noir I, Anna as well as screen films from the 12 participating sales companies collected in a DVD library.