Avi Lerner and Danny Dimbort of Nu Image are re-teaming with their old friend and Dimbort's old boss Menahem Golan, acquiring worldwide rights to Golan's romantic picture The Return From India featuring Israeli stars Aki Avni, Riki Gal and Assi Dayan.

The completed film which Golan co-wrote, produced and directed was shot in India and tells the story of an affair between a 50 year-old widow and a 26 year-old doctor.

Meanwhile Golan has teamed up with former diamond businessman Shlomo May-Zur to produce his next film Blood Games, a $5m martial arts actioner to shoot in Thailand on June 15.

Golan is again directing the film which will star Olivier Gruner and has been configured as a co-production between May-Zur's Yesh-Or Production in Israel, Mongkol Films in Thailand, Gerald Dibbayawan's GMT Entertainment and Allan Sussman's Thunderlight Entertainment.

Golan plans to have the project ready for MIFED.