The Greek distribution scene has undergone a shakeup going into AFMincluding the recent appointment of Vassilis Alexiou as general managerof theatrical distribution and acquisitions at Audiovisual, the topname in the business which handles Disney and Sony product as well asnumerous independent pickups.

Alexiou, who formerly ran theatrical distribution, comes in the wake ofthe resignation of the company's general director Thanos Veremis whoreturned to run his own production, acquisition and distribution outfitStrada Films.

At AFM, Alexiou is joined by Vangelis Kamaris, who is new generalmanager of home entertainment and Balkan operations, as well as GiannisKourtesis, who is president and CEO of the group, acquisitions chiefSoly Beraja and theatrical marketing manager Dimitris Kominis.

Meanwhile another Greek distributor/exhibitor, Odeon, which handlesindependent product and Fox films in Greece, is in the process ofsevering its ties with arthouse partner Rosebud. Odeon chief ManosKrezias is parting ways with Rosebud co-owner Zinos Panagiotodis and isin the process of creating its own arthouse division called Word OfMouth which will be headed by Odeon executive George Tziotzios.

Rosebud meanwhile, under Panagiotidis, will continue to operateautonomously; titles already bought with Odeon will be distributed byOdeon.