Shooting has started in London on Red Light Runners, a heist film starring Michael Madsen, Harvey Keitel, Cillian Murphy, Crispin Glover, Rich Hall, Kate Ashfield, Peter O'Toole and Roy Scheider.

Directed by Nick Egan, the film tells the story of a rogue CIA operative in London on a covert mission to acquire a sacred work of art for an unknown 'collector'. As he recruits a gang of London lowlifes to help him, two ageing CIA agents are sent to track him down and uncover his mission.

With a script by Ralph Brown, Red Light Runners is produced by Nigel Warren Green, Michael Wearing, Mark O'Sullivan and Marcus Vinton.

The film was originally set to shoot last year, with initial plans to raise its budget through UK tax financing vehicle the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), but faced financial set backs