Peter Greenaway, whose Rembrandt van Rijn-inspired film Nightwatching un-spooled in competition at Venice and will screen in Toronto, is working on two new projects.

Kees Kasander, Greenaway's long time producer, revealed that Greenaway's next film will also be based on an artist's life, although this one lesser known.

The film will be based loosely on Hendrick Goltzius, a 17th century pornographic etchings artist whose work was, in part, commissioned by the German royal family at that time.

The film's intrigue will focus on, 'what happens at the Queen's castle and how people try to forbid it and the scandal around it,' Kasander said.

Kasander further explains that while the etchings were 'based on the Bible,' they were extremely erotic in nature.

'It's a real find of Peter to come across Goltzius, no one knows him.'

The $6.2m (Euros 4.5m) film will be a Dutch/Brazil/Canada co-production with production partners Vancouver based No Equal Entertainment and San Paulo based 02 Filmes.

Kees the film will be shot in the second half of 2008 in Brazil, although there are no story links that influence that decision.

'There is a good co-production structure for us there and if you shoot in Brazil there are tax driven situations, which are a strong incentive.' Kasander says they wanted to shoot where they hadn't done so before.

Greenaway is also in advanced scripting stages for a Wales-set location shoot called Hat Garden, which Kasander simply calls a ghost story. The script is original with a projected $6m budget.

Kees has just closed the deal on film rights of seven books by Italian historical writers Rita Monaldi and Francesco Sorti.

The couple, a historian and a musical historian have written three of the seven titles called Imprimateur, Secretum and Veritas, while Kasander said the deal also includes the unwritten titles.

He described the works as resonant of Umberto Eco - one of Italy's most well known authors.

Kasander has yet to attach a director to the project but he said he would develop all seven into films.