The world premiere of My Words, My Lies — My Love (Lila, Lila), the German-language comedy starring Daniel Brühl, will open the fifth Zurich Film Festival on September 24.

Brühl, his co-star Hannah Herzsprung, director Alain Gsponer and the author of the original book, Martin Suter, will be at the screening at the Cinema Corso.

Set in the world of publishing, Brühl stars as writer David Kern, a waiter who finds a manuscript in an abandoned bedside table and passes it off as his own in a bid to impress the beautiful Maire (Herzsprung). The book storms the bestselling lists and he wins Marie over but as the media becomes desperate for his attention, a tramp appears claiming to have written the story.

Sebastian Zühr, Henning Ferber and Markus Welke from Film 1 produced the film with Andreas Fallscheer of Falcom Media. Alexander Buresch wrote the screenplay.

Karl Spoerri, the festival’s director, said: “We feel this selection is fitting for a festival aiming to support young talent.”