Director Michael Haneke will begin shooting his latest film,Cache, in Paris on July 5, moving on toAustria where it will be completed in early September.

The film stars Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche as ahusband and wife caught in a story of intrigue and revenge.

Auteuil is Georges, a TV presenter who begins receivingmysterious packages filled with video tapes of himself and his family takenwithout his knowledge. When the tapes become more personal Georges goes to thepolice but they refuse to help. Eventually it seems clear that the sender issomeone Georges may have wronged in his youth and his confrontation with thepast threatens to unravel a very settled existence.

The film was previously set up at Les Films Alain Sarde butwas dropped, presumably in the melee when Sarde left his deal at StudioCanal togo independent. Les Films de Losange is now producing, although the companywould not divulge details of how it came aboard nor information about thebudget.