UK-based High Point Media Group has sold Irish rom-com Satellites & Meteorites to a number of territories including Japan (AMG), Middle East (Prime Pictures), Russia (First Film) and China (DDDream).

NBC Universal has also picked up the title which follows a couple falling in love as the worst meteor showers in history rain down on earth. The company has acquired the title for 11 territories in a pan Eastern Europe deal.

Satellites & Meteorites is the debut feature of Rick Larkin and is produced by his company i-Wire Films.

It launched at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and went on to win Best On-Screen Couple Award at Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, for Adam Fergus and Amy Hubermann’s performances, and, most recently, the Grand Jury Prize at Santa Cruz Film Festival.

“The growing success of Satellites & Meteorites just goes to show how small, low-budget gems such as this can enjoy just as much success worldwide as their bigger, more obvious cousins,” says High Point’s Carey Fitzgerald. She added: “Its combination of parallel universe theme and feel-good love story has proven to be a winning formula in today’s rather gloomy climate.”