High Point Media Group has kicked off AFM with two new sales for Jim Threapleton's Extraordinary Rendition.

The film was sold to North America (BFS Entertainment) and Latin America (LAPTV).

Extraordinary Rendition, starring Andy Serkis and Omar Berdouni, is about an innocent man abducted from London and interrogated abroad.

'We are in the late stage of negotiations in a number of major territories, including France, Germany and Scandinavia,' said High Point's Carey Fitzgerald. 'At this rate we expect Extraordinary Rendition to be sold out by the end of this market.'

The film, nominated for best achievement in production for the British Independent Film Awards, is screening in Merigot 2 on Saturday.

Fitzgerald continued: 'Extraordinary Rendition is a global reality that raises some pretty hot questions about modern day codes of practice in war, which is why buyers have been clamouring over each other for this film.'