New features by Anno Saul (Kebab Connection),Cyril Tuschi (Sommer Hunde Soehne), Andrew Hood (Das Apfelbaumhaus)and Gil Mehmert (Aus der Tiefe Des Raumes) are among a raft of worldpremieres of German films at this year's Hof International Film Days (Oct27-31) which will be opening with Dennis Gansel's Karlovy Vary prize-winner Napola.

Internationally recognised as a mecca foraficionados of German cinema and home for independent cinema, Hof will also bepresenting a strong international programme including such titles as MichaelWinterbottom's Nine Songs, Ondi Timoner's Dig!, Milos Radovic's FallingInto Paradise, Woody Allen's Melinda And Melinda, Eran Riklis' TheSyrian Bride, Jun Ichikawa's Tony Takitani, and Tassos Boulmetis' ATouch Of Spice.

Furthermore, a special homage will be dedicateda long-standing friend of the Hof Film Days, the US indie director and'all-round talent' Jerry Barrish, while this year's retrospectivewill focus on director John McNaughton (Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer)who will be coming to Hof to introduce ten of his films in person.