Iceland's youngest, yet most prolific, filmmaker Robert Douglas is preparing his third feature film, Off Side, which has been put on the fast track after Ingvar Thordarson (101 Reykjavík) stepped in as co-producer along with director-producer Julius Kemp.

The latter also produced Douglas' two previous low-budget digital features, The Icelandic Dream and A Man Like Me, which were both local box-office hits.

Off Side is being described as Priscilla Queen Of The Desert meets Ken Loach in Iceland, and tells of an all-gay football team playing in an amateur league, which gets an ex-professional from Norway to coach them in the hopes of being taken seriously as a team.

'If you can imagine Rocky having been gay, then you are half way there in understanding where this film is coming from,' says Douglas. 'The film is set to shoot from Aug 1 in Iceland on a $1.6m budget.