A middle-aged photographer leaves behind the city of São Paulo and his professional dissatisfaction as a paparazzo and settles down in a small gold town in the state of Pará, in Northern Brazil.

Prod companies: Drama Filmes

Backers: BNDES, Sabesp, Santander

Producers: Bianca Villar and Renato Ciasca

Budget: US$ 2.1m

Intl sales:

Director: Beto Brant

Screenplay: Marçal Aquino, Beto Brant and Renato Ciasca


Production Design:    

Art Director:

Cast: Camila Pitanga, João Miguel, Zecarlos Machado and Gero Camilo

Locations: Pará, Vitória (Brazil)

Shooting from when until when: From Jul 2009 to Aug 2010

Contact: drama@dramafilmes.com.br, tel 55 11 38151905