Screen International brings you the profiles of Italian broadcasters RAI and MEDIASET.


RAI, public free-to-air

Film buyer Bianca Maria Pontillo, head of acquisitions Output deals None.
Typical RAI film Family fare and blockbusters for the RAI 1 flagship channel. RAI 2 has a younger demographic which enjoys action films while RAI 3 is where viewers will find local fare and international indie titles. Ratio of local films bought to US and foreign films The majority are US titles with European films from Germany, France and the UK acquired through package deals. RAI airs local films produced mainly by RAI Cinema.
Markets and festivals Mipcom, MipTV, LA Screenings, Berlin and Toronto.
Pre-buys and investments Only buys completed films except for RAI Cinema titles in which it invests $58m-$73m (¤40m-¤50m) annually in up to 25 projects.
On-demand services Not yet.
Five most viewed titles on RAI*, Jan-June 2009
(1) Notte Prima Degli Esami
(2) National Treasure
(3) Notte Prima Degli Esami — Oggi
(4) Fracture
(5) The Contract
* Across all three channels

MEDIASET, private free-to-air

Film buyer Francesco Mozzetti, head of acquisition and sales for Canale 5, Italia 1 and Rete 4
Total acquisition budget Around $250m for all formats, including TV series and full rights, of which $60m is invested in buying US films in volume or package deals. Italian movies are produced through sister company Medusa or acquired from producers.
Output deals None.
Typical Mediaset film From blockbusters (Canale 5), to action films (Italia 1) to romantic comedies and classic titles (Rete 4.) The latter screens 1,000 films a year.
Ratio of local films bought to US and international films 80% are US titles, with 20% Italian films. Selected French and UK films. Markets and festivals Mipcom, MipTV, LA Screenings, Biarritz (for documentaries); BBC Showcase.
Pre-buys and investments Mostly finished product with some rare exceptions. Film arm Medusa invests $87m (¤60m) annually in Italian production.
Number of films bought “We’re buying 10%-15% less than five years ago,” says Mozzetti. “Prestigious airing slots for films are gone.”
On-demand services “We’re working on it.”
Five most viewed titles on Mediaset*, Jan-June 2009
(1) The Devil Wears Prada
(2) The Pursuit of Happyness
(3) Il 7 El’8
(4) Take The Lead
(5) Ti Amo In Tutte Le Lingue Del Mondo
* Across all channels