New Italian distributor M2 Pictures is attending the EFM with an eye on completing their 2011-2012 roster of films, which is aimed at the 14-34 year-old demographic.

Launched in November 2010, M2 is run by CEO Rudolph Gentile and chairman Marco Dell’Utri, who previously founded Italy’s Moviemax in 2003.

“We have a London based venture capital company, which has supported us in the start up, and, we feel we had the luck to find several movies we love,” Gentile [pictured] told Screen.

The duo sold 51% of Moviemax to Mondo Home Entertainment in 2006 and maintains 49% interest in the company, although they resigned from its board of directors in March 2010.

Gentile confirmed Step Up 4Ever 3D as the sixth title M2 has acquired during AFM. The picture is currently slotted for a 2012 release.

The title suggests that M2 will provide a third option in Italy to sellers with more edgy, commercial fare aiming for the youth market like along the lines of Moviemax and Eagle Pictures, which distributed Step Up 2 and 3.

But Gentile says they have no intention to overlap.

“There are thousands of movies out there and a lot of them are unsold. Only a few movies create real competition between distributors,” he said, adding, “Our business model is based on movies we like…We try to buy movies that want to become cult films, so that people will watch them over and over for 15 years.”

M2’s slate for 2011-2012 so far includes their debut, Frozen, set to hit Italian screens on March 25 on 150 engagements, Beat The World, to be released on 180 copies this summer. The mixed martial arts film Warrior will be released in October.

Gentile is particularly excited about SUPER, starring Ellen Page and directed by James Gunn, which is slated to hit screens this September. Gentile says, “It is really astonishing. It brings out all kinds of emotions, makes you laugh, cry, feel revenge… it’s a small movie and we’ll work to promote it and create the best awareness possible.”

Gentile and Dell’Utri are in EFM along with their Carmen Danza, head of acquisitions and development. Gentile says they are in advanced negotiations in EFM on three titles, which they hope to sign off on. They are then searching for new titles, mostly for their 2012 line up.