Kadokawa Pictures has announced the production of One Missed Call 2, a sequel to theTakashi Miike horror hit that grossed $13.6m in Japan earlier this year and hassince been screened in nearly 30 countries around the world.

The new film, however, will have a new director, TV veteranRenpei Tsukamoto, and a new lead actress, Mimura, a twenty-year-old newcomer inher first starring role.

In the previous film Ko Shibasaki starred as a collegestudent whose friends begin getting strange messages on their mobiles fromthree days in the future - and dying on exactly the hour and minute themessages are dated. Then, she gets a similar message -- and realises she hasonly three days to prevent a gruesome end.

In the new film, scheduled for a February 5, 2005 release byToei, Mimura plays a day care teacher who receives a tune on her mobileprophesying her own death. Her mother, a fan of horror novels, dismisses herfears, saying "I'm used to scary stuff." The film then proceeds toprove her wrong. Principal photography started on August 18 at Toei's Tokyostudio.