The Korea Media Ratings Board has named Ji Myung-hyok as its new chairman for the next three years.

A professor at Kookmin University's school of performing arts, Ji was elected from among the nine new members of the presidentially-appointed ratings board.

The other eight members include a writer from the major conservative newspaper Chosun Ilbo, academics, a representative of a parent's watchdog group, and directors Kwon Chil-in and retired 73-year-old filmmaker Kim Ki-duk.

Kwon's recent film Hellcats was a sexy modern portrayal of three female protagonists. Kim, not to be confused with the younger maverick director of the same name, has credits including The Barefooted Young.

On his inauguration Ji said: 'I will make sure the Media Rating Board carries out its legal duties smoothly and reform any unreasonable systems,' later emphasising the importance of creative freedom and finding a way to balance that with 'protecting teenagers'.

In addition to previous time spent on the Media Ratings Board's film ratings committee, Ji's background includes working on the board of directors at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan), editing the National Unification Advisory Council's monthly circular, and studying at the Sorbonne where he did a doctoral thesis on Robert Bresson.