Writer-director CostasKapakas has started shooting his second feature Uranya in Crete.

Kapakas is shooting in the village of Fres.

The comedy is set in a small mountaintown in 1969, when US Vice President Spiro Agnew visits, the town gets itsfirst TV, the village eccentric searches for treasure, and teenage boys flockto an open-air film starring Brigitte Bardot.

Dionyssis Samiotis, who recently worked on A Touch Of Spice,will produce.

The project stars Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

"Uranya was thenatural title for this film," said Kapakas. The wordmeans sky in Greek, it was the brand of the first TVs in Greece, and it is thename of the character played by Cucinotta.

Uranya is a co-production led byGreece's Cinegram with Italy's Panorama Films. The filmis supported by the Greek Film Centre and will be released in Greece by OdeonFilms.

Kapakas's first feature was 1999's Peppermint.