Korean director Kim Ki-duk's production company, Kim Ki-duk Film, has filed suit against distributor Studio 2.0 for suspicion of profits embezzlement from the box office success Rough Cut, directed by Kim Ki-duk protege Jang Hun.

Rough Cut was made for less than $1.5m with co-producer Sponge Entertainment and leading men Kang Ji-hwan and So Ji-sub investing.

It became a critically-acclaimed, unexpected box office success when it clocked up 1.3 million admissions and grossed about $6.5m after its release last September.

Kim Ki-duk Film claims the producers are owed about $2.53m from box office profits.

Main investor Sponge Entertainment last month applied for a provisional disposition moratorium when it learned Studio 2.0 had tried to deliver the box office profits from the film to its parent company Mediacorp's creditors without giving the producers and investors their share.

Local press reports have stated that Studio 2.0's CEO has been missing in action since the end of last year.