Korean film and music company M&FC is making its debut as a seller at the AFM with a varied slate including Park Heung-sik's action epic A Sword Of Zen.

Set during the Goryeo Dynasty, the film follows a female contract killer who is wracked with guilt after accidentally killing the parents of a six-year-old girl. M&FC is producing the project which is currently in pre-production and scheduled to start shooting next summer

Also whipping up buyer interest are fantasy romantic drama Vanished, from the director of Family Ties Kim Tae-yong, and romantic drama Hello Schoolgirl from Ryu Jang-ha (When Spring Comes). Both are also in pre-production.

M&FC's slate also includes one completed title, Oh Ki-hwan's horror Someone Behind You, and four other pre-production projects, including Hur Jin-ho's drama Hwa Jang.

Founded in 1999 by film music director Cho Sung-woo, M&FC entered film investment and production last year and established an international sales arm in September this year. The company also acquires films for release in Korea such as Terence Chang-produced Blood Brothers and Rowan Woods' Winged Creatures.

The company's production credits include Hur Jin-ho's Happiness and Lee Myung-se's M, which are being sold internationally by Showbox.