Korean investor nTorino Corp has announced the $2m pre-sale of the film Sookmyung (original title) to Japan's Formula Entertainment.

The film features pan-Asian stars Kwon Sang-woo (Once Upon A Time In High School), Song Seung-hun (Make It Big) and Ji Sung (Blood Rain) in a story of four friends who grow up together and their friendship, loyalty and betrayals. The title translates as destiny, fate or karma.

Sookmyung is directed by actor, writer and recently debuted director Kim Hae-gon (Between Love And Hate), who is best known for his script of Failan starring Choi Min-shik.

The pre-sale comes at a low point in exports for Korean films, making it the highest priced film to sell overseas so far this year.

Formula Entertainment is now arranging for distribution of the film which is currently about half-way through its shoot.