Tuscan-set generational family comedy in which the parents don’t want to grow old and the seventeen-year old daughter is racing to become an adult.

Prod companies: Cinemaudici, Alien Produzioni
Backers: Cinemaudici, Alien Produzioni, Mibac
Producers: Roberto Cicutto, Luigi Musini Intl sales: na
Director: Sergio Castellito
Screenplay: Sergio Castellito, Margaret Mazzantini
Budget: Euros 4 mil
Production Design: Francesco Frigeri
Art Director: Valeria Zamagni
Cast: Sergio Castellitto, Laura Morante, Enzo Jannacci, Barbara Bobulova, Marco Giallini
Locations: Tuscany, Rome
Shooting from when until when (data riprese da…a): October 5-Dec 4, 2009
Contact: (390) 06 322 4285