The company has released a statement saying it is working closely with film distributors to mitigate the loss suffered as a result of the fire at its Enfield Warehouse on monday night; the warehouse housed 25 million discs at the time of the fire.

Sony has revealed that it working to mitigate the loss suffered by a number of film distributors when their stock was destroyed in a fire at its Enfield warehouse on monday night.

The company has also confirmed that the warehouse had 25m discs in it at the time of the fire and that it served 60 different customers including Sony Pictures, 2entertain, Pias, and Disney Games.

Sony said it was “working very closely with our customers and based on their release schedules, 1.5million discs are in the process of being remanufactured at both our manufacturing sites in the UK and Austria.”

Addressing the shortfall between the number of discs being remanufactured and the number that were stored in the factory a Sony spokesperson said: “For some of our clients we are not the sole manufacturer, we store their discs for distribution so their other manufacturer’s would also be in the process of remanufacturing the discs.”

“In addition, we are extending our direct to retail distribution from our UK manufacturing site to reduce shipment delays - discs which are currently in our inventory have already been shipped today and the first of the remanufactured discs from the stock affected by the fire will be delivered tomorrow.”

Sony said it was now looking into alternative site options and that it had “received a number of offers of support from Sony affiliate companies, local distribution centres and other companies from within the industry.

Film distributors to lose their stock in the fire at the warehouse included Dogwoof, Artificial Eye, Metrodome and the BFI.